Automatic straightening for primary and secondary gearbox shafts

Gearbox primary and secondary shafts generally require 2 or 3 straightening points with checking of gear pitch diameter by means of a Master Gear, with high mechanical and metrological accuracy.

Machine size depends on the section and length of the parts.
Primary and secondary gearbox shafts can be:

  • loaded/unloaded manually by the operator
  • loaded/unloaded automatically with continuous feeding systems of forks, chains, gantry loaders or 6-axis robots, depending on plant layout requirements or customer production flow

For a better process efficiency and increase of hourly production, the machine can be equipped with tooling automatic set-up units for different kinds of parts. The automatic crack detection device identifies micro cracks occurring during the process and is recommended for this application.

The straightening machine can be equipped with the radial holes detection system to avoid stresses when pressing in the most fragile points of the workpiece (VESS: Vectorial Straightening System Galdabini patented). So often, the heat treatment process makes gearbox shafts with lots of dirt in the center holes; to this purpose the automatic center cleaning unit is available by means of mechanical tool and/or by air blowing. 

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