Welcome to Galdabini

Our strong values and philosophy put customers first
We work with commitment and dedication to provide the best technology solution

Why Galdabini?

For us, innovation means new solutions that meet new requirements and needs. This is accomplished through more effective machines, processes, services, technologies and ideas that are all readily available to satisfy customers’ requirements

We invest more than 7% of our turnover in R&D and believe that innovative design and pioneering solutions make the difference in a market overfilled with low-standard machinery and technologies. Without forgetting our several registered patents that are evidence of an authentic culture for innovation



Start up with hydraulic press and pioneering applications


Golden medal for technology (Milano International trade fair award)


First universal tensile testing machine (entry in the market of quality tests)


Design of the first automatic straightener in the world


Energy save hydraulic press patent


Intensive development of Laser and Optical devices for process measurements during straightening (inside bore) and laser speckle for testing


Energy Save press of unique concept – save up to 48%


Heavy duty automatic straighteners (biggest machine in the world - 4000 Tons)


New concept of automatic deep drawing lines (Multi-press)

The devoted work of generations of men was physically focussed on giving a final form to bars, plates, forgings and castings,
that was all, the beating heart that translated ideas into finished, working machines

Technology Center

We are future oriented and are constantly developing new solutions and technology which anticipate the needs of the market

Our Technology Center is a testament to our spirit of innovation. Our 600 sqm facility is equipped with our latest technologies and ready for demonstrations and customer sample testing

Green Thinking

All environmental aspects are highly considered in all process and product design. Galdabini already operates with 100% eco compatible power production by means of a photovoltaic system, so becoming self sufficient in terms of energy consumptions