Automatic straightening for axle shafts with and without flange

Straightening is very fast; it requires 2/3 straightening points for flanged shafts and 3/4 straightening points for shafts without flange. Machine size depends on the section and length of parts. For processing flanged shafts, the machine is equipped with a flange checking device that allows granting its perpendicularity respect to workpiece axis.

Typical incoming deformations are handled with specific clamping and rotating systems for a better straightening process, in the shortest possible time. In order to meet the need of checking pitch diameter, the machine is equipped with a spline Master device with high mechanical and metrological accuracy.

Axle shafts can be:

  • loaded /unloaded manually by the operator
  • loaded /unloaded automatically with continuous feeding systems of grips, chains, gantry loaders or 6-axis robots, based on customer requirements, to achieve the best productivity

For a better process efficiency and increase of hourly production, the machine can be completed with tooling automatic set-up units for different kinds of parts. The automatic crack detector and the radial hole detection system are also available to optimise straightening cycle by avoiding micro cracks. The workpiece traceability system, complete with DMC (data matrix code) is becoming even more and more necessary.

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