Automatic straightening for camshafts

Straightening can be performed on forged, finished or tubular shafts where cams are clamped. Generally, up to 6 straightening points are required. For a precise analysis of the pitch diameter and a consequent accurate straightening, the machine is equipped with a Master device for each groove. Machine size depends on the section and length of parts.

The machine can be also equipped with complementary units, as: 

  • Thread unscrewing removal system
    for hole protection during heat treatment process
  • Crack detection device
    to optimize the straightening process by avoiding cracking 
  • Workpiece traceability system
    complete with camshaft code marking and reading 
  • Center cleaning units   

For high efficiency of the whole process, the straightener is completed with a fully automatic set up unit. Parts can be loaded manually by the operator or, in order to guarantee the best productivity, with continuous power loading/unloading systems (grips, portals, 6-axis robots) according to customer requirements.

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