Tensile test on belts

These components are generally made by technical fabric and have to meet strict criteria for human safety

Modern technical fabrics are generally made up of high resistance materials, typically nylon fibers and polyester or high performance aramids (Kevlar) and high molecular weight polyethylene (Dyneema). The weave of woven fabric combined with the mechanical properties of the yarn provides lightweight, high resistance and low elongation products

An essential condition for a successful tensile test result is to ensure a suitable clamping and the solution with auto serrated winding drums is definitely the right choice. With these grips are guaranteed:

  • perfect clamping of the specimen
  • fast preparation of the test

No extensometers or strain measuring instruments are required. Crosshead stroke is commonly used for the calculation of the A% at break.  It is very important to equip the instrument with safety barriers, often used in the armored version to keep at break the energy dissipated by belts. Specific kits are available: sheet metal guards with Lexan panels, Kevlar ball screw covers, load cell protections 

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