Tensile Test with r- and n-Value Determination

ISO 10113, ISO 10275, ASTM E345, ASTM E646

ISO 10113, ISO 10275, ASTM E345, ASTM E646

The values of r and n are also defined by tensile tests since they provide important information on material properties

n-value indicates material work hardening under plastic deformation, while the r-value indicates the vertical anisotropy. The n-value is determined by tensile stress and strain values; while for the r-value calculation the specimen section measurement is also required.

Specimens are obtained from the strip or sheet at set angles with respect to the lamination direction which affects the r-value. The sheet thickness is retained as specimen thickness, while the parallel length is obtained by milling or punching operations.

Our wide range of Extensometers provide the great solution to meet customer’s requirements and testing conditions; for example Micron Extensometers are able to operate up to specimen rupture.

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