Non-ambient temperature Tensile testing of metallic materials (Part 2)

ISO 6892-2, ISO 6892-3, ASTM E21, GOST 9651, GB/T 228.2

ISO 6892-2, ISO 6892-3, ASTM E21, GOST 9651, GB/T 228.2

During non-ambient temperature test, the load, crosshead extension, time, and strain data are recorded to determine the material characteristics

The typical calculations include: Yield Point (Rp, Reh, Rel), Ultimate Tensile Stress (Rm), specific strain values at calculations (A, Agt etc.). ISO 6892 also specifies the specimen geometries that should be used depending on the type of product that is being tested

In such applications like engine manufacturing, installation and chemical plant construction, it is extremely important to evaluate material behaviour at high temperatures up to 1200 °C. For these types of tests our production range includes high temperature furnaces, specimen bars, extensometers for high temperatures and other accessories for the integration with Galdabini testing machines. According to ASTM E21 this application has the goal to determine yield strength, tensile strength, elongation and high temperature metal area reduction

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