Castings and Forgings Testing

EN 818-X, EN 1677-X, ISO 3266

EN 818-X, EN 1677-X, ISO 3266

Castings and forgings are mainly used in the automotive and aeronautical industry, but also in the construction of power stations and lifting equipment

Casting technology allows the manufacture of the most complex parts at low cost, with an ever-increasing number of light metal castings which are used to reduce weight, especially in the production of motors. Forged components are used to meet severe demands on strength, or extremes of pressure and impact loading, as with crankshafts and connecting rods in motors, generators and electric system turbines.

For the determination of tensile strength it is possible to use the whole component or remove samples from specified positions. In the first case high test loads and specific supports and grips are required, while in the other case the final specimens are often of small dimensions. Galdabini supplies special grips to handle small round specimens easily and to allow the use of the automatic extensometers. Also for clamping the whole component many accessories and options are available.

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