Since 1890, a great start


The initial artisan activity of maintenance and repair of textile machines,
turned out at once in manufacturing machines for the emerging mechanical industry



Start up with hydraulic press and pioneering applications


Golden medal for technology (Milano International trade fair award)


First universal tensile testing machine (entry in the market of quality tests)


Design of the first automatic straightener in the world


Energy save hydraulic press patent


Intensive development of Laser and Optical devices for process measurements during straightening (inside bore) and laser speckle for testing


Energy Save press of unique concept – save up to 48%


Heavy duty automatic straighteners (biggest machine in the world - 4000 Tons)


New concept of automatic deep drawing lines (Multi-press)

125th Anniversary and Testimonials

"Knowing the people who have gone before us helps us understand who we are and where we are going. It helps us dream and catch a glimpse of the future. Stories of men, ideas, plans and machines built. Today, as always, I feel a moral duty of gratitude towards those who with passion, dedication and commitment have contributed to what we are now, and my thanks goes particularly to them!"

Luigi Galdabini

“In 1972 I worked with the electronics team that brought out the first automation for straighteners in Europe… that says something!” 
Antonio Steccanella



Born in 1929 and hired in 1943, worked for Galdabini for 67 years.“I worked for a mythical company…”
Luigi Usleghi 


The devoted work of generations of men was physically focussed on giving a final form to bars, plates, forgings and castings,
that was all, the beating heart that translated ideas into finished, working machines