Creep tests

Stress Relaxation

Stress Relaxation

The creep test determines the behaviour of a specimen for stress relaxation

To find and analyse specimen properties, the material is subjected to a prolonged and constant traction.
The instrument is composed of:

  • Steel rigid frame with easily accessible ergonomic structure
  • Load multiplication lever with accuracy ratio between the arms made of sturdy structural steel (that assures high axial and lateral rigidity). 
  • The lever balance is automatically performed by means of precision sensors
  • Alignment joints without friction. Placed at the specimen clamping extremities, are self-aligned and minimize the eventual transversal loads on the specimen. Knives are made in hardened material and are not subject to wear over time
  • Grips for per threaded, shouldered or flat samples     

For the execution of high temperature tests the use of ovens from 300°C to 1400°C is foreseen. The heating elements are manufactured with specific materials and are different according to the temperatures to be reached during test. Besides, it is possible to install some “retorts”, i.e. housing with a controlled inert atmosphere, for temperatures higher than / up to 1200°C.

WINCCS software provides full availability of test data, results and relevant graphs by producing a series of automatic reports.

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