Precision straightening is suitable for all types of drive shafts

Straightening is very fast; it requires 2/3 straightening points. 
Machine size depends on the section and length of parts. There is a wide variety of workpieces, for type and dimension, and therefore the straightener has to be equipped with dedicate tools, including: 

  • Tubular with enveloping equipment to avoid crushings/indentations 
  • Flange/coupling positioning systems for an automatic part gripping
  • Optical systems for seeger ring detection

Drive shafts can be loaded manually by the operator or, in order to guarantee maximum productivity, with loading/unloading systems with grips, portals, 6-axis robots, according to customer requirements.

Moreover, the machine is equipped with tooling automatic set-up units. The workpiece traceability system, complete with DMC (data matrix code is becoming even more and more necessary.

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