Fire extinguishers (Shells, Caps)

The best solution for the production of fire extinguishers (upper/lower shell) from 1 to 12 kg is the use of an automatic line of hydraulic presses

The fire extinguisher body line is starting from coil and consists of a decoiler, coil straightener with pneumatic feeder, continuous lubrication unit, a 70 kN hydraulic press for blanking-drawing operations, trimming machine and finally a marking unit (to engrave serial number and technical data of the future fire extinguisher).

An electronic transfer arm moves the workpieces between a working station and another, while 2 conveyor belts respectively, unload die scraps from the die and the finished piece from the last marking station.

450 pieces/h is the production rate of the line. In the process follow-up, the workpiece is washed and then loaded on an automatic welding system for assembling the complete body of the fire extinguisher with 2 or 3 parts. The operator (in this case simple supervisor) handles all the operations safely by a centralized panel, intervening only in case of anomalies. The trimming-beading completes the workpiece forming operation by creating an undercut for the extinguisher body shell coupling.

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