Calibration Laboratory LAT N° 034

Calibration Laboratory IEC 17025 / LAT N 034 accredited by ACCREDIA and Signatory of EA, IAF and ILAC Mutual Recognition Agreements

We offer a wide range of factory and on-site calibration services of the highest quality. All our calibrations meet the ever-increasing demand of testing laboratories requiring full compliance to ISO/IEC 17025 Standards.

Since 1989 our Calibration Laboratory has developed new sectors and expanded sample instruments and accredited measurement fields as SIT Laboratory first and today as the ACCREDIA Calibration Center.

On- site and Laboratory-based Calibration Services

Our calibration experts are trained and supported by the necessary calibration tools and standards to verify and calibrate all material testing instruments.  We can verify other brands of testing equipment used in your facility. Our calibration laboratory provides fast turn-around times at a significant cost savings: 

  • Testing reports/calibration traceability of measurements
  • Calibration for all market sectors
  • Metrology consulting
  • Customized multi-annual contracts

6 Reasons to Choose Us


Our competence together with a seriousness of service is our first aim 


We offer systematic multi-year plans with calibration together with assistance, ordinary/extra maintenance and spare parts. Moreover, quantity is valued and fidelity rewarded: the more we calibrate, the more you get best prices


A turn-key service with automatic renewal. You will not to worry about anything, we will send you a notification in time to plan your next calibration


The dead weight primary force machine built by our ancestors is the proof of an innate quality in calibration. We still maintain our competence in metrology, by means of the regular use of primary force instruments


You get your original certificate (.pdf) in 24h, via email.
Calibration certificates issued by us in a digital cryptic format. This means a versatility of documentation storage, research and reproduction, and be safe from unauthorized change.

Certificates can be made available in Italian, English, French and German


In addition to on-site and laboratory calibration services, it is possible to carry out specific calibrations, as:

  • Weighing platforms for aircrafts/vehicles
  • Helicopter weighing systems/helicopter scales
  • Dynamometer calibrations for tests on electric cables and/or terminals
  • Tensiometers (Wire Tension Test)

Accreditations and Report

We are accredited for the calibration of: Dynamometers, Forces, Resilience, Extensometers, Hardness, Pressure and Torque

Our calibration certificates are supplied in digital cryptic format with the advantage of storage, research and reproduction.
Our certificates are recognized by all the countries which take part to the multilateral agreement of the European Co-operation for Accreditation (EA) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).

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